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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Empowerment is coming, but will YOU be ready?

Hey yall! I decided that I have a problem, and no...whatever you're thinking is definitely wrong. My problem is that when I find something that I get really into, I feel guilty if people around me know of my idea and I do not bring them in to the circle. Through my business, every friend or client I meet is usually a potential co-worker. People like to talk about 3 things when meeting a new person. First is the weather. Second are gas prices and why the world market keeps them so high. The third is the housing market.

Everyone has a stake in the real estate game, no matter how much they claim to hate it or avoid it. No matter what, you need somewhere to live. A mansion or a box...real estate doesn't discriminate, and it definitely doesn't player hate. So the more I thought about it, I decided that I would like to combine my industry with my friends. I see in my mind that the two can exist with each other in a way that can benefit everyone involved.

My goal as a broker has been to introduce a brand new concept into the real estate game: true hospitality. I choose to provide a service level that rivals a Ritz-Carlton so that anyone around me will feel that I do my job well and will speak highly of me to others. My second goal as a broker is to act as an educator to anyone that would like to listen. I choose to spread the wealth. And just to clear the record...I am not claiming to be the last stop for real estate knowledge, but I will claim to enjoy what I do, and want to share the enthusiasm with everyone!

Now when it comes to finding business, I have decided that by spreading the wealth, I will always succeed! I choose to use alternative means to find clients instead of mass-mailing letters or cold-calling families during dinner. Should you decide to work with me, I will share a portion of any revenue that I make from any client that I receive from you. I will train and groom anyone that shows the fire for the business to find leads and close them with my assistance. All the while, you continue to work at your current J-O-B and continue to earn the money you are used to. What we can do together can greatly supplement your take-home pay...and that is a language that everyone likes to hear! I'm taking off for now... It has been a pleasure.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”
~ Winston Churchill

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